QLK Adjustable, Ratchet Torque Wrenches

Adjustable, Ratchet Torque WrenchesFreely set torque values within the capacity range. Replaceable socket, ratchet wrenches.
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  • The ratchet improves efficiency. These wrenches are well suited for repetitive work.
  • By replacing the sockets, various sizes of fasteners can be tightened within the tool's capacity range.
  • By reversing the ratchet, the wrench can be used to loosen fateners counter-clokwise.
  • Tightening to a torque setting can only be done clockwise.
  • Accuracy:±3% of indicated value over the full range


Model QLK(kgf·cm⁄kgf·m)

ModelRangeIncrementTotal lengthWeight
30QLK10~30 kgf·cm0.5 kgf·cm186 mm0.18 kg
60QLK20~60 kgf·cm1 kgf·cm186 mm0.18 kg
120QLK40~120 kgf·cm2 kgf·cm186 mm0.18 kg
230QLK70~230 kgf·cm2 kgf·cm231.5 mm0.27 kg
250QLK50~250 kgf·cm2 kgf·cm240 mm0.29 kg
450QLK100~450 kgf·cm5 kgf·cm253.5 mm0.45 kg
500QLK100~500 kgf·cm5 kgf·cm253.5 mm0.45 kg
900QLK200~900 kgf·cm10 kgf·cm352 mm0.69 kg
1000QLK200~1000 kgf·cm10 kgf·cm352 mm0.69 kg
1400QLK400~1400 kgf·cm10 kgf·cm392 mm0.69 kg
1800QLK400~1800 kgf·cm20 kgf·cm478 mm1.45 kg
2000QLK400~2000 kgf·cm20 kgf·cm478 mm1.45 kg
2800QLK4~28 kgf·m0.2 kgf·m678 mm1.9 kg
4200QLK6~42 kgf·m0.2 kgf·m950 mm3.3 kg
5600QLK8~56 kgf·m0.3 kgf·m1195 mm5 kg
7000QLK10~70 kgf·m0.5 kgf·m1315 mm7 kg
8500QLK10~85 kgf·m0.5 kgf·m1388 mm8.5 kg
10000QLK10~100 kgf·m0.5 kgf·m1538 mm9.8 kg
14000QLK20~140 kgf·m1 kgf·m1844 mm14 kg
15000QLK20~150 kgf·m1 kgf·m1844 mm14 kg
21000QLK70~210 kgf·m1 kgf·m2064 mm19.5 kg


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