'Level Test' Test Indicators - Auto Clutech Type

LT-352, LT-353, LT-355, LT-358
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  • Gauge head can be set at any angle of 220°circle.
  • Stem can be adopted to 3 points such as upper, front and back part.
  • Gauge head edge is ultra hard ball with less abrasion and gauge head is made of stainless.
  • Gauge head and indicator are antimagnetic are not affected by magnetism
  • As miniature bearing (pivot ball bearing) is used for gauge head revolution part bearing, it is not affected by axis decrepit and indication is stable.
  • Measuring direction is automatically changed for proper and opposite side by auto-clutch mechanism without change lever. It is always read accurately in any case ,as indicator always rotates in clockwise direction.

      lt-352φ6mm stem can be

      adopted to 2 parts of

      ariban of front and rear


      ( stem for dob-tale is an

      option )


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